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Louvered Pergolas

Control your bioclimatic pergola temperature with a durable and easy-to-use technology

Our louvered roof pergolas reinvent the way you think about outdoor living, creating a breathtaking new space for you to enjoy year-round. The louvered roof pergola is a solar protection solution for your terrace that allows you to optimize and expand your outdoor living space, no matter the weather.

With a modern, high-performance remote-controlled motorized louvered blades system integrated into the roof, you can easily adjust the orientation of the slats to protect you from the sun, light, wind or rain.

Pergolas with louvered roof can be installed against a wall, blending in perfectly with your terrace, or freestanding with 4 columns for installation in the location of your choice.

Thanks to our customized solutions, TYKO® louvered Pergolas can meet the needs of homeowners, restaurants or hotels…



Retractable Pergolas

Choose the ideal shade for every moment of the day with a retractable pergola

Retractable pergolas offer multiple possibilities to enjoy your outdoor space. They provide protection from the sun, wind, rain and prying eyes.

Our retractable roof pergolas allow you to open and close the roof with a remote control, in a very simple and easy way. You can close or open the roof according to your needs.

Our retractable roof pergolas are designed for all-weather use and are fully customizable to meet your requirements.

Pergola with retractable canopy can be installed as a stand-alone, against a wall or integrated into an existing structure. The custom designed aluminum profiles can be single or divided into segments, allowing for larger areas to be covered. The retractable roof system can also be equipped with additional options such as LED lighting, wind, rain and sun sensors.

The pergola with retractable canopy are perfectly suited for terraces, courtyards, balconies, cafes, restaurants or covering large areas.



Glazing system

Enjoy your terrace, balcony or pergola all year round with the right glazing system

Glazing system

Sliding doors and windows

Transform your outdoor space into a haven of peace with our various sliding glass systems. We are manufacturers of sliding doors and windows.

The sliding glass doors anchored to the ground rest on rails with side or central opening depending on the configuration or your specific needs. These sliding glass doors offer protection from the harsh weather and an unobstructed view of your exterior allowing you to have the ultimate outdoor feeling even when the weather is not ideal. Sliding glass walls can be integrated into any type of pergola, but are also ideal for integration into a balcony.

Vertical sash glazing systems quickly transform the glazed area into an open area and a more airy space. Vertical sliding panels can be manual or electric. The automated telescopic window system is ideal for bar or restaurant patios or your home backyard.

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